The Fibula Sector is an area of Space located in the Neutral Zone, near Plingon Space.

Mission to the Fibula Sector Edit

The crew of CPP Kickstart were tasked with exploring the Sector, and destroying any enemies there. Seeing as how the Sector is located close to Plingon Space, the Kickstart immediately ran into a patrol fleet of three Plingon Battlebruisers, and came under heavy attack. Due to the intensity of the battle - as well as the P-Fleet's inadequate funding of space-ship construction - the weapons system overheated. After it was cooled down, the Kickstart was able to destroy two of the Battlebruisers, however its ammo depleted shortly thereafter, and its deflector plates were destroyed in the process. It was decided to use a sucking beam to hold the remaining enemy ship in place, and prevent it from attacking. However, since the front sucking beam was blown out, the rear one was used. The plan proved to be ineffective, as the kinetic energy pulled the Battlebruiser into the Kickstart. The impact destroyed the enemy ship.

Aftermath Edit

The Kickstart survived the impact, however, just as it set course to the nearest star-base, an antimaterial gas leak happened, blowing it up. Captain Pirk, Mr. Spook, Mr. Fukov, as well as several other members of the crew survived, and reached the star-base safely aboard space sled's.

Seen InEdit

Star Wreck 2: The Old Shit