Hummer, also captain trainee Hummer is a secondary character in the Star Wreck franchise. He is most likely based on, and is a parody of Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Biography Edit

At some point in his life, Hummer joined P-Fleet, and his first assignment was to be a captain trainee aboard the CPP Kickstart-2, under captain James B. Pirk. The latter was not informed of the this and was outraged. Nonetheless, Hummer was allowed to remain, though without getting paid, and proved to be a butt-kisser, to the point of volunteering to be insulted by the captain, most likely hoping he'll get a good evaluation. Regardless, he demonstrated knowledge of P-Fleet regulations.

Battle in the Gamma Sector Edit

Two years later, after the incident with CPP Relevant, Hummer was promoted to the rank of captain, and left the Kickstart. He again met the Kickstart during the Romuclan attack on the Gamma Sector Outpost, where he commanded a flotilla of P-Fleet ships from aboard the CPP Moldhammer, under orders to aid the Outpost and the Kickstart. While he initially demonstrated considerable skill as starship captain, he quickly lost his confidence after the Romuclans retaliated, and he understood that live combat was not the same as a simulation. Attempting to escape, he ordered that his ship be evacuated, but once the evacuating space sleds were destroyed, he - upon taking Pirk's suggestion - separated his ship's saucer section in order to save himself and his crew, while leaving the combat section to be destroyed. As an unlucky turn of events, his saucer section was boarded by Pirk - now piloting only the Kickstart's combat section - who assumed control, and left him stunned in the brig.

The Zarquon Competition Edit

Hummer again met Pirk during the competition issued by the mysterious Zarquons. He infiltrated the Kickstart in order to retrieve the Zarquon scepter for Hans Duo, a competitor and space pirate, whom he was now working for. He joined Duo's crew in order to take vengeance on Pirk for blowing up his ship, humiliating him, and having him committed. While he initially succeeded in his task, he forgot to plant Duo's bomb aboard the Kickstart, which resulted in his death, as well as the destruction of the Zarquon scepter, and the Iron Pigeon, along with Hans Duo and his crew.

Trivia Edit

While Hummer did show theoretical knowledge and certain talent in commanding a spaceship, he was a coward and a brown-noser. While in Hans Duo's crew, he's shown to be vengeful, and absentminded, which ultimately lead to his demise.

Appearances Edit