Mr. Fukov (originally Fuckoff) was the Human weapons officer of the USS Kickstart and the CPP Kickstart-2.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Nothing is known about Fukov, except that he was Russian, and a far descendent of Sergei Fukov. At some point in life, he joined P-Fleet.

P-Fleet service Edit

In 2363, Fukov came under the command of James B. Pirk, the newly-appointed captain of the USS Kickstart. He was assigned to be the weapons officer - a task which he proved quite incompetent for, often mistaking buttons on the weapons console, or not knowing what to do in certain situations.

Due to the Pirk's Russophobia, Fukov was permanently berated, given various chores that involved physical labor or humiliation, and even used as cannon fodder. These chores included, among others, to manually activate the Kickstart's dynamo, to fetch beer from the lounge, and to pilot space sleds.

Death Edit

During the battle of Gamma Sector, he was given command of the CPP Kickstart-2's saucer section, and was killed in an unsuccessful attempt to fight a Romuclan Warturkey.

Appearance Edit

Fukov had an unusual appearance, with white/ gray hair, black teashades, and piercings in his nose and right ear. It is presumed he was a punk, or a homosexual, or both, which is hinted at by the stereotypical right-ear piercing, purple shirt, and a sissy demeanor (also by an awkward moment with the captain).

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Spook described Fukov's fitness as 'sub-par'.
  • According to Fukov himself, he didn't "speek English".
  • Pirk described Fukov as a bad pilot, only praising him once for his take-off, as they were leaving P-Fleet's space station on the CPP Kickstart-2.
  • Pirk considered that it was Fukov's stupidity that made his such a good weapons officer.
  • Throughout the course of the series, Pirk has called Fukov a number of things, among which were: boy, Russkie moron, stupid moron, idiot.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Fukov was voiced by Antti Keskinen (Star Wreck), and by Janne Torssonen (SW2 and SW3).
  • Fukov was a parody of Star Trek's Pavel Chekov.
  • Fukov's mess-ups are a running gag in the series, which are usually followed by Pirk's famous "Fukooov!!" shout.

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