Mr. Spook is a Vulgar science officer and tactical advisor, previously serving on board the USS Kickstart and the CPP Kickstart-2.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Spook was presumably born on Vulgarus, the home-planet of his species. It is unknown when or how he joined P-Fleet, and ended up in captain Pirk's crew.

P-Fleet service Edit

Spook served on the USS Kickstart since at least 2363. His education in the Superior Way of Logic and Pacifism, landed him in the position of science officer, although his intelligence also had him give out tactical advice to the crew, especially during crisis situations. Much to his annoyance - which he was very capable of hiding - his advice had the tendency to backfire due to the Kickstart's crew's - and its captain's - incompetence. Such was the case in the Battle of Fibula sector, where his suggestion to stall a Plingon Prattlecruiser using a sucking beam ultimately led to the Kickstart's destruction. His service on the CPP Kickstart-2 saw a regress in his collaboration with the captain, who sometimes ignored his advice, attempted to insult him, and even had him substitute the weapons officer during the Battle of Gamma Sector.

Retirement Edit

Not being able to stand another day on Pirk's ship, he expressed his desire to retire to Vulgarus' Mt. Yoga, where he could - according to Pirk's supposition - do some Vulgarian hoodoo.

Appearance Edit

Spook is a tall and slender Vulgar. He has the pointy-ears and dramatic eyebrows characteristic of his people. His haircut changed between episodes two, three and four - in episodes 2 and 3, his haircut was a combed-back slick, whereas in episode 4, he wore a bowl-cut.

Trivia Edit

  • Pirk considered Spook to be his only competent crew-member. In turn, Spook considered Pirk to be incompetent and illogical.
  • Spook described Fukov's fitness as sub-par.
  • Spook was fascinated by the humans of the Kickstart.
  • When Pirk attempted to insult him on one occasion, Spook informed him that he could not be insulted. This is probably because of his education in the SWoLaP.
  • Despite being a staunch believer in the way of SWoLaP, even he could not avoid being annoyed by Pirk to the point of bursting out into a rant, and having to retire from his service.
  • At the end of his service on the Kickstart, Spook was in the rank of Commander.

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Spook in SW3


Annoyed Spook on the Kickstart's bridge