A Rigelian sandworm is a creature that presumably hails from the planet Rigelia, or the Rigel star-system, or from another possible source. Its first and only mention is in Star Wreck III: Wrath of the Romuclans.

Description Edit

Nothing is known about the Rigelian sandworm other than that it's presumably a worm, presumably lives in sand, and that it is helpless in water when it has no bicycle. The creature is known to the Romuclans, who compare the helpless combined Moldhammer/ Kickstart to it.

Behind the scenes Edit

The nature of the creature is unclear, on the one hand, it is called a (sand)worm, and as any worm, it should not have limbs, but on the other hand, it's implied to be able to use a bicycle, which actually requires limbs to operate. Obviously the creature was created to be bizarre for comic and possibly other-worldly effect.

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