Star Wreck 3: Wrath of the Romuclans is the third episode the the Star Wreck series, created by Samuli Torssonen in 1994.


The surviving crew of the USS Kickstart reaches a P-Fleet space station aboard a space-sled, where they get a new ship - the Galaxy-class CPP Kickstart-2. After two years of running errands and getting used to the new controls, they are assigned to do reconnaissance of a suspected Romuclan base in the Vega System. Once there, they learned of a planned Romuclan attack on P-Fleet's outpost station in the Gamma Sector. In the meantime, they were attacked by a Romuclan Warturkey that recently entered the system, and they had to return to the Kickstart and retaliate. Following the Romuclans to the Godda System, they not only managed to destroy the enemy ship, but also the enemy base on the local planet's surface. After informing Command of their finds, they received orders to fly to Gamma Sector and defend the station in the event the attack does happen. The information proved to be true, when twenty-six Romuclan vessels entered the system. Pirk contacted Command for reinforcements, and entered battle. The reinforcements came quickly, led by the newly-appointed Captain Hummer of the CPP Moldhammer. In the battle, the Kickstart lost its saucer-section, whereas the Moldhammer lost its battle-section. After the seemingly complete destruction of both fleets, Pirk took over Hummer's saucer-section and dumped him in the brig. But as it turned out, one Warturkey remained, and its Captain demanded Pirk be handed over, but Mr. Spook fooled them by sending a badly-damaged space-sled, which subsequently destroyed the Romuclans' ship. The episode ends with the Kickstart-Moldhammer flying towards the station.




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In 2006, the first five episodes of Star Wreck were re-released on DVD, featuring new, original music, as well as other changes. The DVD can be bought at the online store (see links).