Star Wreck Roleplaying Game - Star Wreck RPG for short - is a table-top RPG game created and designed by Mike Pohjola, edited by Antti Hukkanen, and published by Energia Productions in 2006.

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The RPG takes place in the original timeline.

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As Mike Pohjola himself stated in the Rulebook, he expanded the Star Wreck Universe by parodying the Trek canon and Trek roleplaying games as much as he could.

According to rules, one player assumes the role of Game Master, describes the in-game world and how other players' decisions affect it, and also roleplays the supporting non-player characters. The other players can assume any desired role as guided by the Rulebook.

In contrast to ability scores that measure a character's strengths in traditional games, Star Wreck characters have Inability Scores (Stupidity, Obliviousness, Clumsiness, Repulsiveness and Weakness) that they have to overcome in order to succeed at a given task. As opposed to character classes, the game has four general archetypes that correspond with various characters from the movies. They are Incompetent Idiot (Captain Pirk), Annoying Nerd (Info), Frustrated Grouch (Lt. Swagger), and Psychotic Loud-mouth (Lt. Dwarf).

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