The Grind are a demonic alien race of zealots that attack the Earth in the 22nd century.

Biology and Appearance Edit

Based on promotional materials, the Grind are 5-10 meters tall, with excess wight. Their skin is tan and hairless, they have small eyes hidden beneath the forehead. Their diet is possibly carnivorous.

History Edit

In the 22nd century they attack the Earth.

Society and Culture Edit

Nothing is known of their society or culture, but they are said to be zealots. It is possible the Grind are into BDSM as to an individual depicted on promo-arts wears a spiked leather harness.

Government and Politics Edit

No information is available.

Military Edit

They are presumed to have infantry and possibly nuclear weapons.

Technology and Equipment Edit

There is no known technology or equipment, however individuals are seen wearing spiked harnesses.

Seen In Edit

Disclaimer Edit

The Grind will appear in the upcoming short-film Star Wreck: Timecrash, as well as the follow-up feature-film Star Wreck The Motion Picture. Any and all information is speculative and therefore should not be taken into account until further notice.