An unidentified Plingon Ship Master was in charge of patrolling the Neutral Zone between P-Republic space[1] and Plingon Imperial space[1], in the Fibula Sector.

Biography Edit

Nothing is known about the Ship Master except that he looked noticeably different from his Plingon brethren, and that he was in charge of three Plingon Battlebruisers patrolling the Fibula Sector.

Upon encountering the USS Kickstart on its mission, the Ship Master underestimated the Kickstart's crew, and lost both his flotilla and his life in battle.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on his dialog with captain Pirk, he was aware - and did not deny - that he was unattractive, however he was proud that he didn't look like he was drawn "by an amateur schoolkid"[2], referring to Pirk's appearance, thus breaking the fourth wall.
  • The Ship Master had an enmity towards both Humans and Vulgars. This however, did not stop him from communicating to the Kickstart's crew.

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References Edit

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